Welcome to Foxhole: Scrapshoot!

The game that lets you build guns and bust bots!



In the world of Foxhole, society is run by a race of walking, talking foxes. Humor, retro-futuristic technology, and alternate reality travel permeate the story of Foxhole.

In Foxhole: Scrapshoot, we find Zuka, a young tinkerer with a case of gun lust, living peacefully in the junkyard boomtown of Detritus. Detritus attracts opportunistic treasure-hunters looking for valuables in the endless heaps of scrap. However, one day, a mysterious dirigible lands on the highest point of garbage. Denizens of Detritus are then shocked to find an army of recycling robots pour out of the aircraft and start ransacking the gigantic junkyard looking for treasure. Since these robots, “junkies”, attack the people in their way, it causes a huge upset for anyone trying to make a living. Zuka takes a stand against the junkies to find out where they came from and what they’re looking for. But really she’s just looking for target practice…

Game Features:

  • Customizable weapons. Make your own guns by mixing and matching parts. There’s no telling what effect each combination will have…
  • Meet crazy NPC’s along the journey. Some may help you. Some may hinder you.
  • Gun-crobatics allow Zuka to navigate the treacherous junkyard using her weapons as a means of getting around easier.
  • Four zones with multiple stages, each with unique obstacles and enemies. The boss in every zone, then the gauntlet to the final boss will truly challenge platformer fans.
  • New Game+ will allow you to start again to find more powerful weapon parts and take on tougher foes. You may even encounter different stages altogether.
  • Full in-game stage editor. Share custom stages with your friends and challenge players to beat your designs.
  • Control the game with a gamepad or keyboard and mouse. Controller rumble supported!
  • Classic 2D graphics. Traditional, high res, hand-drawn pixel art and animation make Foxhole: Scrapshoot’s visuals really pop!
  • Music composed by Nitrosparxx