Changelog (v0.12a to v0.13a)

  • Refactored some things to work with the new session controller that stores and records player progress and achievements etc.
  • Put together framework for achievements, not yet used
  • Put together a list of unlocked weapon parts for save data, this is not yet used
  • The stage editor now starts in edit mode.
  • The camera will now lock in place when Zuka falls off the stage
  • Optimized map loading speed by about 20%
  • Enemy A.I. is now paused when the enemy is far enough out of view.
  • The footfall sound and dust effects will no longer happen from hitting a corner and falling.
  • New title logo
  • Walljumps now use their own resource that replenishes when you land on the ground, rather than your ammo.
  • You must hold up on the d-pad or W to activate a walljump.
  • Holding down the jump button no longer affects you after a walljump.
  • Walljump force has been increased.
  • Characters’ color palettes have been altered.
  • Improved the appearance of speech bubble text.
  • You can now hold UP or DOWN while standing still to pan the camera. The distance you can move the camera is based on resolution.
  • In Zuka’s armed jumping sprite, one of her arms was one pixel too thick. Thinned it out to match the other arm.
  • Added a rumble toggle in the control options. Also added more situations where the controller rumble activates.
  • Implemented weapon switching. For now you’ll have four random weapons. Hold reload button or use the mouse wheel to switch. Switching weapons refills your ammo, but has the same delay as a reload.
  • Reloading time has been reduced.
  • Fixed a bug that caused weapons not to fire after a reload if you were holding down the fire buttons.
  • Added new stuff to the weapon part pool. Nothing too interesting, just a few pieces with different stats.
  • Added clicking noise for when you fire and you’re out of ammo.

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