Detritus Roadmap: July 13

Mechanics continue to be honed. Code becomes refactored. Design decisions become more concrete. Feedback turns to feature. As it is, Foxhole: Scrapshoot is the most polished game I’ve ever worked on. However, it is far from finished. Things have to be added, and those polished too. To a mirror sheen.

To that end, here’s the plan going forward. These are the major features I’ll be tackling next.

  • Campaign Mode Prototype

The campaign mode is the meat of the game. I’ve finally gotten enough stuff prepared that I can begin work on it. I’ll add a very basic map screen and some quick placeholder levels to travel between. The next version will have more, and more challenging stages, and that excites me. There will finally be something to PLAY.

I want to prototype a campaign in its simplest form, to balance gameplay progression and rapidly iterate through the reward and customization systems. You’ll basically have a barebones map screen, a small menu to turn money into parts, and a menu for putting together weapons from parts. Completing a stage will earn you some random reward and unlock adjacent stages.

For the final product, I have something far more robust and immersive in mind, but before I can jump the gun and put it together all pretty, I need to know the best approach for stage progression, rewards, and challenges.

  • Scene Editor

The narrative is a vital part of my plan for the game. I’ve devised a simple, yet effective system for animating characters and writing dialogue in the game world. I simply need to implement it. At first, I wanted to use character portraits, but I’ve decided that’s too limiting and may also take up too much graphics memory (and time!). I instead plan to show action with character sprites. The world of Foxhole is something I really want to let the player explore and learn about by speaking to and watching the characters act. I also have plans for a branching story based on the order of the stages you choose to beat. I like the idea of multiple endings. With an easy-to-use Scene Editor in place, I’ll be able to rapidly create story content.

  • More Enemies

I’m still brainstorming ideas for new baddies to shoot. There’s only one so far, the Junkie, which all the remaining enemies will be based on, besides bosses. Animating and coding a new enemy is one of the more difficult things to do, so I’ve been making sure the game is good and ready before I add more. I think it’s about reached that point. So look forward to new targets.


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