Changelog v0.14a

This release has little in the way of new content. I’m putting it out there because people were having problems with the control mapping earlier. I made major changes to the input handling and want to see if that has been fixed on their end.

  • -Firing a weapon while out of ammo only makes the clicking noise once per button press.
  • -There is now a global twelve frame delay for walljumps.
  • -Mouse is no longer locked to the game while in menues.
  • -Overhauled all control-handling and converted to better gamepad functions. Should be more compatible.
  • -Gamepad and KB/M controls no longer work simultaneously during gameplay.
  • -Gamepad controls may now be reconfigured.
  • -Left analog stick now maps to the direction controls.
  • -The spinning menues are now clickable!
  • -Map loading is now another 30% faster.
  • -Added a section in the tutorial level that better conveys that you can walljump.
  • -Optimized collision checks where they occur along a line. Switched to a uniform collision model that will work for objects of arbitrary size.
  • -Various particle effects now have corrected drawing depth and pixel alignment.
  • -Added new scrap pickups instead of coins. (They twinkle!)
  • -Added a chocolate diamond item.
  • -Pickup items’ physics are improved.
  • -Junkies can now hop over walls that they are flush against. Stupid Junkies.
  • -Removed FPS counter
  • -Made changes to the junkyard background

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