CHANGELOG (v0.14a to v0.15a)

  • -Added a “New Game” option, which will take you to the overworld map. The game cannot be saved yet.
  • -A whole bunch of new music courtesy of Nitrosparxx. He’s working hard on the soundtrack, so give it a good listen!
  • -Made improvements to appearance and controls for the spinning menus.
  • -Reduced HP of Junkies
  • -Exiting the game through the menu now prompts a confirmation.
  • -Added “deadzone” setting.
  • -Attempted to add support for more/older types of gamepads. Reconfiguration for these is limited. Please test this.
  • -Now using some DLLs to enable looping OGG playback. I also made some improvements to how music is played in general.
  • -Made improvements to the coloring of some older weapon parts.
  • -Made major changes to the way stage loading and saving is done. Previous stage files are no longer compatible. Let me know of any problems you encounter when working with stage files. Stage files with the prefix “stage_”, when placed in the gamedata/stages/ folder, will automatically be loaded into the overworld in a new game.
  • -Tuned up the color palettes on some of the scenery and characters.
  • -Added a check that enables Zuka to jump properly while walking off of small steps down. Could possibly enable Zuka to jump when she shouldn’t but I haven’t found such a case. If you find a spot where you can jump that doesn’t make sense, report it.
  • -Eliminated slowdown caused by shift-dragging the stage editor’s tile selector over a large area.
  • -When your maximum health goes above ten, the hearts on the HUD shrink and get put into rows.
  • -Made damage numbers less blurry.
  • -Lengthened Zuka’s hair.
  • -Zuka can now aim diagonally while moving by using the up and down controls.
  • -Improved formatting of speech bubble text.
  • -Improved the way NPC conversations are handled. Conversations are now started by the player and take control of the camera, then when it’s over, control is given back to the player. NPC’s now serve gameplay purposes.
  • -Greatly decreased stage load times by reordering tile layers.
  • -Added Goal object type that you can place in a stage. These determine how a stage can be completed/exited.
  • -Fixed a memory leak related to Zuka’s list of equipped weapons.
  • -Added weapon customization through Rusty.
  • -You can buy new weapon parts from a randomly-appearing robotic NPC during a stage.

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