Box Art WIP

Box Art WIP

Promotional material and marketing are among the things that indie game developers often fail to utilize.

Learning from that, and not wanting Foxhole to fizzle into obscurity, I am making some more art!

I’m going to put my all into this piece in order to really grab the attention of anyone who comes across it. It has to look professional and exciting.

In my experience, the indie games I come across simply don’t know or don’t bother to express their characters and scenes with powerful expressions and composition while including subtle information about what the game is all about.

My background in art and cartooning should prove to be an advantage in this area.

In the context of marketing, I have been doing a lot of research. The game is not yet ready for me to start a press release campaign or landing page. But soon enough I will use these concepts and more to give Foxhole that exposure factor that is so important.

For the time being, my social media campaign includes IndieDB, Game Maker Community, TIGForums, Tumblr, and Twitter. I update each outlet with new information, especially during new updates. I also make posts about Foxhole on message boards related to gaming and comics.

This is all a lot of work. Will it pay off?
I am the kind of person that believes luck has very little to do with any project’s success. If I do what I am supposed to do, and do it well, everything else will fall into place. If it is not a success, it is because I did something wrong, or not well enough.


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