How to Play

This software is free to download and use during early development for testing purposes.

Foxhole: Scrapshoot requires no installation and can be played after the game folder is extracted to a place of your choosing.

Saved data, including the configuration file and user-created content, is stored in C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Zuka by default.

v0.16.1a- October 6, 2013Download from ITCH.IO -OR- Download from Mediafire

Foxhole: Scrapshoot


  • Controls can be reconfigured in the options. (Gamepad support is available, these will be denoted with XBox 360 button names in parenthesis.)
  • The spinning menus can be navigated with the mouse, keyboard, or the gamepad.
  • In the overworld map, use the direction controls to move one space at a time. Use the jump button to inspect the area.
  • WASD (D-Pad/Left Analog Stick): Aim Up/Activate Walljumping, Move Left, Move Right, Aim Down or Crouch
  • Space (A): Jump
  • Hold Shift (R-Trigger): Plant yourself, allowing free aim.
  • LMB/RMB (Left Bumper/ Right Bumper): Shoot Left/Right
  • (X): Shoot both weapons simultaneously.
  • MMB or F (Y): Equip/unequip weapon / Do context-sensitive action.
  • R (B): Reload
  • Hold (R or (B)) or scroll the mouse wheel: Switch weapons
  • Enter or Escape (Start): Pause

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